⋅ 1,380 m2 area.
⋅ Can be subdivided into up to 8 separate rooms with movable partitions.
⋅ Fully carpeted.
⋅ Projection to wall.
⋅ Free height: 7.20 meters. Height to ceiling: 7.50 meters.
⋅ Ceiling rigging points with 300kg supporting capacity for lighting trusses.
⋅ Wall registers each with electricity supply 110/220/480 volts with 100 amps through plugs, voice and data supply.
⋅ Floor resistance 0.25 T/m2.
⋅ Room cooling with 175 T. 
⋅ 54 hanger points each with a 2.5kg maximum resistance capacity.
⋅ Lobby that can be adapted for registration booths, coffee break, cocktail or display support for the event.