Please note that in order to use these spaces -which are common areas- you must rent a showroom and check with the staff to avoid disturbing in case of simultaneous events.


Available Spaces:


⋅ Outside lobby.

⋅ Lobby PB.

⋅ Lobby N1P.

⋅ Lobby N10.

⋅ Lobby N3P.

⋅ Lobby N30.

⋅ Lobby PB.

⋅ Lobby 1st Level .

⋅ Lobby 2nd Level.

⋅ Lobby Level 3.

⋅ PB terrace, this is the only space where stands can be placed as an extension of your event, provided that the Great Hall Querétaro has been rented.

⋅ Terrace N3.

⋅ Restaurant Terrace (QTM).